"San Diego Sports With No Offseason"
Founding Members


  1. 1904 FC
    ASC San Diego
    National Premier Soccer League 1804 Garnet Ave. #495 San Diego, CA 92109 619-272-6014 [email protected]
  2. ASC San Diego
    San Diego Aviators
    World Team Tennis PO Box 2436 Del Mar, CA 92014 888-774-0110 Ext. 10 [email protected]
  3. San Diego Aviators
    San Diego Growlers
    American Ultimate Disc League 2937 Marquette St San Diego, CA 92106 [email protected]
  4. San Diego Growlers
    San Diego Gulls
    American Hockey League 7676 Hazard Center Drive, Suite 1075 San Diego, CA 92108 [email protected]
  5. San Diego Kings
    San Diego Kings
    American Basketball Association 317 Ash St San Diego 92101 619-302-3532 [email protected]
  6. San Diego Legion
    San Diego Legion
    Major League Rugby 2421 India St San Diego, CA 9210 760-822-9259 [email protected]
  1. San Diego Seals
    San Diego Seals
    National Lacrosse League 4275 Executive Square, Suite 1100 La Jolla, CA 92037 619-375-3755 [email protected]
  2. San Diego SeaLions
    San Diego SeaLions WFC
    Women's Premier Soccer League 6023 Gaines Street San Diego, CA 92110 858-336-5946 [email protected]
  3. San Diego Sockers
    San Diego Sockers
    Major Arena Soccer League 3250 Grey Hawk Court Carlsbad, CA 92010 866-799-4625 [email protected]
  1. San Diego Seals
    San Diego Guardians
    American Basketball Association 619-763-5404 [email protected]
  2. San Diego SeaLions
    San Diego 1904 FC
    Expansion Soccer Candidate [email protected]
  3. San Diego Sockers
    Soccer City SD
    Major League Soccer Expansion Candidate [email protected]
  1. San Diego Fleet
    San Diego Fleet
    Alliance of American Football [email protected]
  2. San Diego SeaLions
    Tijuana Xolos
    Liga MX (664) 622-59-33 [email protected]
  3. San Diego Sockers
    San Diego Enforcers
    National Public Safety Football League 3550 Camino Del Rio North #320, San Diego CA, 92108 [email protected]
  1. San Diego Seals
    San Diego Lions
    United States Australian Football League [email protected]
  2. San Diego SeaLions
    San Diego Surge
    Independent Women's Football League (619) 247-8478 [email protected]
  3. San Diego Sockers
    San Diego Zest
    United States Premier Development League 7920 Arjons Drive, STE E, San Diego, CA, 92126 (858) 564-9228 [email protected]